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Dog Grooming


Having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis is an essential part of his or her care.

Regular grooming will promote well being ensuring your dog is comfortable and free from the irritation of dead hair build up so he or she will always look their best and so will your carpet!!

Thorough grooming to remove all dead hair and tangles and whatever else your dog may have picked out walking!

• Nail cutting – keeping the toenails neat and stops the risk of long nails catching or growing back into the pad.

• Ear cleaning – many breeds require the hair to be plucked from the ear canal to prevent ear infections and ear canker – all dogs have their ears cleaned to remove wax and debris.

Bathing – all dogs are bathed using hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners. I stock a range of products and will select according to your dogs coat and skin requirements. If you have a shampoo recommended by your veterinary surgeon, bring this with you for me to use.

Styling using clippers and scissors – whatever breed of dog you own I am fully trained and work to the guidelines set out by the City and Guilds examination for pet dog trims. I also undertake handstripping for those breeds, such as terriers where this is appropriate.  However, feel free to speak to me about you and your dogs individual needs I aim to provide you with a trim that suits your lifestyle and provides your dog with a comfortable style. 











Doggy MOT’s

Book your dog in for a complete service!

You may wonder what is an MOT?

This is quite simply a bathing service with a difference, many mobile grooming services offer bathing and this is exactly what you will get however an MOT offers a lot more such as:


• Thorough grooming prior to bathing to remove dead   coat and tangles
• Nail trimming
• Ear cleaning and plucking if required
• Bathing and drying
• Coat conditioning spray

MOT’s are ideal for dogs that do not need a full grooming service but would benefit from a good grooming and freshen up or could be for dogs in between trims that just need a spruce up! As I have an arm injury I will  only be booking small to medium size dogs for grooming

MOT Prices are as follows:

Small dogs £20
Medium dogs £30



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